Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Been a while

Been a while since I looked at this.

I see that Kate, over at Small Dead Animals, has said that she will move, presumeably to the States, if the Liberals get electd on making cheap shots at the Americans. There's a bloke on the liblogs site willing to go give her a hand with packing and personally escort her to the border. Reminds me of anothr that is so enamored with the US but won't leave. Too enamored with our safety net i guess.

I see that Kate is also on the blogger Panel at She terms it as "sleeping with the enemy." This maybe somewhat catty, but I can't help but wonder if she's getting paid. Maybe I should wander ovr to her blog and ask. Then again, would she even see it among the other congratulatory posts she's getting. I really like the one that calls her the only "normal" human.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

A correction

In yesterday's post, I forgot to add a link to the Surrey Leader, from April 17, where the Last quote came from.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Coyne not always accurate

I see Andrew Coyne is being somewhat innacurate when he [u]claimed[/u] that the Liberals asked the RCMP to look into this just days before an election will be called.

This from the Master's site
The politicization of the RCMP continues. This time the force is being used to harass opposition MPs, just days before an election

The following is from the CTV story he linked to.
Second claim

Volpe also has claimed that Surrey Tory MP Gurmant Grewal asked his B.C. constituents to post bonds of up to $100,000 in exchange for his help in obtaining temporary visas.

"I just left it off to the Ethics Commissioner and the RCMP for them to deal with it and I'll leave it at that," said Volpe.

Grewal denies he took money.

"Money is not a factor at all. No one has been asked to pay or deposit any money any where," he told CTV News.

Conservative campaign chair John Reynolds says the Liberals are using the police to smear the party.

"I'm absolutely ashamed that a minister of the government would go against other MPs, bringing in the RCMP and wasting taxpayers' dollars," he said.

In actual fact the above case was tossed to the RCMP in April. Well I suppose that could be considered "days" before an election.

This is what Grewal did:
Grewal had constituents sign a form in which they promise to post a bond, often of around $50,000. That gave the MP assurance that the family would ensure their visitor followed the rules if he sought a minister's permit to override the department's refusal of a visa application.
No money has ever changed hands, the MP stresses

Grewal had constituents sign a form in which they promise to post a bond, often of around $50,000. That gave the MP assurance that the family would ensure their visitor followed the rules if he sought a minister's permit to override the department's refusal of a visa application.
No money has ever changed hands, the MP stresses.

No money changed hands which meant that demanding that his constituent put up a bond was okay. Wonder what would have happened if his constituents refused to post a bond?

Harper would, no doubt, have another case of the conniptions if a Liberal had done that.

Wonder what else Coyne is being less than accurate about.?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Government Lost.

There's no two ways about it. Though I'll never admit it on Scotty's forum. Having too much fun there to do that. But reality is, Martin lost. Yes, the motion was vague enough to give both sides what they want, but by not resigning Martin looks like he's clinging to power by his fingernails. That's not goo. Not for our governing system, not for Canadians, and especially not for the Liberals.

Of couse Harper's going to be harping about this for all it's worth. He's just as desperate to get his fingers onto power.

Heaven help us from the powerhungry.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

So here's the Latest Ipsos-Reid poll, which has the Blogging Tories all abuzz.

32% Liberals..............................44% in Ontario
31% Conservatives ...................33% in Ontario.

The rest I can't get to directly because I don't to their service, but thanks to Section 15, over at Progressive Bloggers, the re's a bit more information.

I really like that graph, which shows a slow but steady decline in support for the Tories.

What I really like is the questions pertaining to the reason the Tories are pushing for an election. The questions asked if the respondant believed that the CPC was taking a principled stand in not supporting a corrupt government or making a grab for power. 58% believe that the CPC are making a grab for power. What's really interesting is the break down.

BC...............................61% This is a bit surprising.
Alta.............................42% I would have thought this number would have been smaller.
Ontario.......................63% Not surprising at all.

Of those that identified party affiliation, the following believed that it was a power grab.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Decision Decision, who made the decision.

Decision Decision who made the Decision.

The Blogging Tories are all abuzz over the "Smoking Gun," that Guite pointed out. You know, the one where Guite was told by Tremblay who was told by Gagliano that he had talked to two Ministers, one being Paul Martin. Hearsay evidence at best. Not just hearsay but hearsay two or three times removed.

So three years ago, this "paragon of virtue" told the Auditor General that he made all the important decisions.

A year ago, he said that the politicians had input but that he made the decisions.

That was last spring. By fall he decided that the final say belonged to Gagliano and Pelletier.

Then it was Dingwall and Guite claims that Dingwall diluted the qualification. How he knew that I don't know, Guite claims he never discussed the subject with Dingwall. Perhaps the Steven Harper Fairy told him.

Of course the Blogging Tories are all over it like it was manna from Steven Harper. But there is one Blooging Tory, Bound by Gravity, that has it right. Guite is not that crdible a witness.

Still a smoking gun is a smoking gun, no matter how lacking in credibility it might be.

Oh and they are all a-tingle over CBC not realizing that that was the only news item they were supposed to report on.

So pull the plug already

So why doesn't he do it?

Martin knows that his government is going to fall. He wants to fall on his budget. So fine. Call a vote on it and be done with it.

Meantime it looks like Martin either knew what was happening in Sponsorshipgate or he didn't know what was happening in his own office. Or maybe he didn't but I doubt that anyone is going to believe it.

Not that I'm going to vote for Harper. Too smarmy for my liking.

A quick run through

New Poll out, by Decima. All Things Canadian, at Blogging Tories, gives a good run down. Okay according to his site, he Liberals are ahead, but he does mention that it may depend on getting the vote out, and the majority of those that confirm that they will vote say they will vote for the Conservatives.

Cherry Picking among the Polls.

I see Political Staples has fallen in love with the Pollara Poll, and hints that the polls that placed the Liberals in the lead as bogus. Well, he does more than just hint.

War Museum
So what's the furor over the War Museum. Atrocities committed by Canadian soldiers. The US, which the Tories seem to admire so much, are going through a series of highly publicised trials concerning the misdeeds of their soldiers in Iraq, yet Canadians ae supposed to not know that Canadian soldiers are not without blemish. Sorry, but not every Canadian is on the side of the Angels, and the record should be out there, blemishes and all.

of course the guy over at AllAgit Prop is trying to claim that its all a Liberal conspiracy.

I don't blame the Veterans for being upset. They made a great sacrifice, but you ever get the feeling that they hold themselves above the freedoms they fought, and died, for?

THe Death of the CPC?

I wouldn't got that far but it seems that the owner of, over at Progressive Bloggers, may be ready to leave the CPC behind, and donetae to a tombstone for it, should the CPC not form a minority, at the very least, government.

Monday, May 02, 2005

More thoughts

Well it looks like Trickle Down Truth, at the Progressive Bloggers site, doesn't believe that Harper will have the nerve to pull the election trigger. That he'll talk big but when it comes to a vote he'll quietly tell a few Conservatives to not show up. Personally, I think that's the best thing he could do. Worst case scenario for Harper would be to pull the election trigger too soon and end up with another Liberal Minority. Cause then what does he do? Pull the trigger again?

No, he needs a majority and that's not in the cards right now.

Cause he's burned his bridges and if he's smart then he'll realize that.

Will ambition overshadow intelligence?

Harper - Harris conspiracy

Some quick thoughts

Rempelia Prime, a Bloggin Tory member, reports, once again, that the polls favour Harper, again citing the Ipsos-Reid poll. Again conveniently forgetting that there are other figures that just might be important. Of course there is the impression that those who disagree are misinformed lefties.

I see they're still obsessed with Paragraph K.
gullchasedship does give a clarification, noting that Gomery is allowed to give a factual assessment of a witnesses' credibility. Then it will be left up to the Solicitor General. Of course some wag pinted out that the Solicitor General is a Liberal. Well whoop de doo! If Harper forces, and wins, an election then the Solicitor General will be a Tory. No less biased.

Then there's Klein. His last term so what he got to lose. He's going ahead with his bit on reforming the medical system. Could he be out to lose the election for Harper?

I don't have time now, so will look it up tonight, but there is a conspiracy theory on one of the blogs participating in Progressive Thinkers, or New Dippers, that claims that there are those that would like to see Harper lose so that the axe's come out and chop out a leadership position for Mike Harris.